OxBalls Fat Willy 3-Pack Jumbo Cockrings FLEXtpr Space Blue

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FAT WILLY cockrings are OXBALLS bigger version of our amazing WILLY RING… our pack of three dick rings are BIG. These fat-boys cockrings are the next-step-up WILLYs…3 non-roll grippy rings designed to be right for your need…

FAT WILLYs are shaped to grip you soft or hard 3 max-grip cockrings that will not roll—they flatten out as you stretch so they stay where you put them. No rolling=no pinch. FAT WILLYs are what we call “fuck rings.” They grip tighter for maximum bone hardness.

Made of our softest rubbery incredibly stretchy Flextpr™—same as our WILLY RINGS…at OXBALLS we test our gear we use our toys… these might be the best size best fit rings we offer. For you bigger ballers: stack these on your nutbag for gradual rubbery stretch you control.

OXBALLS loves color FAT WILLYs are available in two new colors we love seeing on dick: SPACE BLUE is a smoky dark translucent blue super deep and rich… STEEL is like “stretchy metal” a dark reflective metallic smoke that’s cooler than boring black. Our goal is the absolute best designs in colors that make sex look better!

Flextpr™ our own super-stretchy strong blend—the right grip that doesn’t pinch. Phthalate free and no scent.

LUBE SAFE: Water-based lube hybrid or silicone lube recommended. Oil-based lubes not recommended.

FATWILLY Approximate stats:
  • Height: .75"/19 mm
  • Width: 2”/51 mm
  • Length: 2”/51 mm
  • Outside circumference: 6.5”/165 mm
  • Outside diameter: 2”/51 mm
  • Inside circumference: 3”/77 mm
  • Inside diameter: 1”/26 mm