Toy Materials and your Health - Because we care about you.

We care deeply about your sexual health and wellness and we do our best to be informative about the complicated nature of sex toy materials.

The most commonly asked question is, are sex toy materials safe.  The simple answer is yes, but with some additions.  Some materials have dangerous chemicals that are easily washed off, but always need to be regularly cleaned to stay safe.  Other materials are safe to use, but are porous and can hold harmful bacteria.

The most common chemicals that concerns users of adult toys are Phthalates.  These are softening agent most commonly used in PVC toys to make them soft.  Similar materials have been linked to certain forms cancer, and can lead to the breakdown of the toy.  If you've ever had a toy that got sticky and started to dissolve in an airtight container, chances are it has phthalates.  These chemicals are water soluble, and are easy to wash off.  However, these toys have to be kept separate in a well vented, non plastic, container or the chemical can start to dissolve the toy.

Other materials like stone or wood toys (yes there are those sorts of toys on the market), as well as leather can hold on to bacteria. We always recommend using a condom when using porous toys.  These toys can not only be dangerous if not properly cleaned, but will hold on to odors.  Make sure that any cleaner you use is antimicrobial, not just antibacterial.

Our preferred material is silicone.  Silicone, however, needs to be kept separate from all other silicone toys and can not be used with silicone lubricant.  Water based lubricant is the only safe lubricant to be used with these toys.

The other big issue is lubricant.  There are a variety of chemicals that can aggravate sensitive skin that are ingredients in lube.  Lots of water based lubes contain glycerin, which can be irritating to certain people.  Oil based lubricants can also be irritating, and are not compatible with latex condoms and can damage a variety of rubber toys.


If you ever have a question about any toy we sell, please contact us. We're happy to answer any questions you might have.